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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Jul 29, 2021

On this Month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast, we are tackling Frances Ford Coppola  The Godfather Saga with return guest, Dr. Ellen Meiser of The Social Breakdown Podcast. We talk about her recent publication in the Journal of Interpersonal violence titled "The Normalization of Violence in Commercial Kitchens through Food Media." with her Co-host Penn Pantumsinchi before going through each film of Coppola's Magnum Opus. We go through a lot of trivia, analysis of film culture, and a variety of historical events to answer the question whether or not this 'Saga' is a true trilogy, or more like a duology + an epilogue. Stick around for a variety of rants and a Sneek Peek at Dr. Meiser's Next Episode!


Production Notes: 

Intro: (0:00- 2:14)


Basics of Dr. Meiser (2:15-11:00)

  • The Newly Minted "Dr. Ellen"
  • Discussion of Ellen's recent article

The Godfather Basics: (11:03-16:28)

  • Production
  • Awards
  • Trivia 
  • Plot

The Godfather Historical Context: (16:32-27:26)

  • 1970's New Wave of Film 
  • "Which Pacino, is YOUR Pacino?"

 The Godfather Social Analysis (27:36-38:19)

  • Version of King Lear
  • Masculine Bible for Agro-Douche Bags
  • Italian Immigration Representation 

The Godfather II Basics: (38:37-43:27) 

  • Production
  • Trivia 
  • Awards
  • Plot

The Godfather II Historical Context: (43:42-55:03)

  • McCarthy Hearing Parallel 
  • Short-term Historical Memory 
  • Reforming Political Monsters 
  • The Mob and Vegas 

The Godfather II Social Analysis: (55:18-63:05)

  • Solidifying the Italian American Stereotype 
  • Film becomes Aspirational Masculinity 
  • Do Creator's have the Burden of Interpretation?
  • Celebrities and Alcohol 

The Godfather III Basics: (63:20-75:15)

  • Production
  • Trivia 
  • Plot 
  • "Grape Squisher Scheme"
  • "Don't You Remember me? I'm your Cousin."

The Godfather III Historical Context: (75:30-79:21)

  • Pop Culture's Shaping of our Perceptions of History

The Godfather III Social Analysis: ( 79:39-89:03)

Outro: (89:04-93:56)

  • Ellen's Rankings
  • Plugs 


The Social Breakdown Podcast 



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