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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Feb 27, 2021


I needed to record an extra episode this month in order to talk about the recent developments with one of my favorite pieces of content.....AVATAR. No, not the Ableist, Racist trash from James Cameron, the Avatar the Last Airbender Universe! The creators are back, heading their own studio. I'll talk about what this means, with all of its sociological Impacts. Enjoy!  #Avatar Studios 


Time Codes:


Intro: 1:44-5:20

  • The Creation of Avatar Studios and the Creative Chain of Command 


Basics: 5:30-10:17


Historical Context: 10:31- 25:13

  • Themes of the Shows 
  • The Live Action Film
  • Racebending 
  • 'Korra' is treated poorly 
  • The Avatar Universe and Me


Social Analysis 25:27-40:44


Conclusion: 40:45-43:49

  • The Content I am looking forward to 
  • Reckoning with that Choice 


Coming Soon: 43:49- end

  • Episode 6: Star Trek: First Contact  with  Dr. Liz Faber  
  • Next Essay Preview- A little Howl.


Stick Around For:

  • The Reckoning with a Sociological Life 
  • My Hypocrisy


Show Notes 



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