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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Aug 18, 2021

On This Month's Episode, we are talking to Dr. David Arditi Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas Arlington, and author of Streaming Culture: Subscription Platforms and the Unending Consumption of Culture This episode not only dives into Dr. Arditi's fantastic book, we also discuss the ways various forms of content have been altered by the rising 'stream', leading us back to the common problem of Capitalism.

Production Notes:

Basics of Dr. Arditi (2:13-7:23)

  • Ph.D in Cultural Studies 
  • Avid Musician 
  • Discussion of his other Published work
  • The Myth of Revenue decline due to file sharing 

Basics of 'Streaming Culture'(7:24-17:45)

  • Dr. Arditi's Methodology 
  • Why Streaming Culture matters and its relationship to Capitalism
  • Defining Terms: Culture Industry, Mass Culture and Unending Consumption 

Historical Context: (18:03-49.28)

  • Expansion of the Means of Consumption 
  • The Album Replacement Cycle 
  • Cultural Lag and Backwards Compatibility 
  • Digital vs. Physical Media 
  • Data Mining Capitalism 
  • Collaboration to increase profits 

Social Analysis: (49:40-85:13)

  • Unending Consumption and the Devaluing of Content 
  • Paradox of Choice and Content Satisfaction 
  • Content Volume and the Labor to produce it
  • Exploited Labor through the "Independent Contractor " Model 
  • Solutions and Subversions 

Outtro: (85:14-87:31)

  • Plugs 
  • Next Episode 


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