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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Sep 19, 2021

On this month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast, we are wading into the waters of The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with Historian Dr. Jamie L.H. Goodall author of the incredible book Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: From the Colonial Era to the Oyster Wars.   The episode first dives into Dr. Goodall's educational background and her fantastic book before tackling the Johnny Depp led Maritime Franchise.  Along the way we talk Corporatization, Gender politics, and why we need to understand Pirate Etymology. Get ready to talk like a Pirate. "Drink up, Me Hearties Yo Ho!"  

Production Notes:

Intro (0:00-2:04)


Basics of Dr. Goodall (2:05-22:55)

  • New Job
  • Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay Discussion (5:40-20:40)
  • Representations of Pirates on Film

Basics of the Films (23:11-28:36)

  • Production
  • Small Zack Snyder Rant 
  • Trivia from IMDB

Historical Context (28:50-46:05)

  • The Films' Historical Accuracy
  • Female Representation of Piracy 
  • Importance of the Mid 1700's 
  • Nitpicking ;) 
  • Bush Administration and "At World's End"
  • History of the Golden age of Pirate Films 
  • Dr. Goodall on Blackbeard 
  • "Sparrowificaion" of the Genre

Social Analysis (46:20-62:13)

  • Anti- Corporation Rant
  • Gender politics of the Films 

Ranking the Films and Artistic Musings (62:15-71:30)

  • Dr. Goodall's Rankings 
  • The Black Pearl's Perfect ending 
  • Table setting of Dead Man's Chest 
  • Dessert of At World's End 
  • The Fourth film is a Dumpster Fire 
  • The Fifth film at least "feels" like a 'Pirates' movie 
  • Could a Sixth Film work ? 

Outro: 71:31-73:33

Stick Around For Discussions of :

  • Sea Shanties 
  • Maritime Romance Novels 
  • How much Brian HATES 'On Stranger Tides'


All Clips used under fair use.