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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

On this month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast, return guest Dr. Courtenay Stallings of Pepperdine University and I tackle the spiritual horror classic: The Exorcist.  In this episode we go over the impact of 70's social and political strife and its effect on filmmaking; especially on white male gazey Hollywood and those "Mavericks" of the time. Stick around for a discussion of science, belief, and religion through the context of the Sociology. It is a fun existential romp through the world of Pazuzu. Sadly, Poncho was cut for time.   

Basics: (1:10-24:40)

  • Dr. Stallings' Horror Flavor of Pop Culture 
  • Basics of The Exorcist 
  • Discussion of Director's/Extended Cuts
  • Production Trivia (IMDB)

Historical Context: (24:55-58:29)

  • Dr. Stallings' Biographical Context
  • Brian coming to The Exorcist through parody 
  • White Male Gaze
  • The Importance of the 70's 
    • Roe v. Wade 
    • 70's Social Research 
  • Anomie 
  • Parallel between Directors and Researchers

Social Analysis (58:43-86:30)

  • The Sociology of Religion 
    • Power of Belief and Faith
    • Science and Belief 
    • Power of Religion is people
  • Mental Illness 
  • Motherhood 

Outtro 86:31-90:57

  • The Other Exorcists 
  • Plugs and Social media



Look for Dr. Stallings and her work:

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Book: Laura's Ghost: Women Speak about Twin Peaks 

Episode 8: Mulholland Drive 

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