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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Mar 21, 2022

On this Month's Episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast, Return guest Dr. Rebecca Gibson and I tackle the Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Dystopian Franchise of The Matrix. From the original to its gliorious 'resuurection', Dr. Gibson and I talk synergistic media marketing, American Ethnocentrism, problematic interpretations, Disability, Capitalism, some Baudrillard and a lot of Foucault. Come Join us, and we will show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes...


Intro: (1:07-8:00)

  • Catching up with Dr. Gibson and her work.
  • A Mythology/Folklore aside
  • This episodes overlap with the Blog

Basics: (8:03-31:54)

  • The Crew
  • The Plot(s)
  • Links to Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
  • IMDB Trivia
  • The Wachowski's and Kubrick
  • Different Direction in 'Resurrections"

Historical Context (32:06-78:50)

  • Dr. Gibson's first screenings 
  • Brian's first Impressions 
  • Synergystic Media Marketing
  • Novelty is a product of American Ethnocentrism 
  • Problematic interpretations of The Matrix
  • 'Resurrections' Backlash 

Social Analysis (79:06-146:47)

  • Agency Vs. Structure 
  • Weber's Bureaucracy 
  • Foucault's Dicipline and Punish 
  •          Penopticon 
  •          Biopower 
  • Disability and Capitalism
  • Love, Gender and "The Patriarchical Bargain"
  • Sex as Revolution through Consent and Communication 
  • Weaponizing Nostalgia 
  • Detour into Resurrections 
  •            Dr. Gibson's Red Flags 
  •            Legacy sequels and Smith 

Outtro (146:48-150:32)

  • Links and Plugs 

Stick around for:

  • An anti-NFT Rant
  • Yeah, Sex is great, but....
  • Shout out to Wong Kar Wai 
  • A Demanding Poncho.



Dr. Gibson's work 

Dr. Gibson on Twitter 


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