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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

This month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast we embrace the Chaos of Nic Cage. Dr. Courtenay Stallings of Pepperdine University and I talk through the cultural icon of Nic Cage by curating three unique films from his long and varied career. We talk about the difficulty of Parenting, The Rape Culture, and the healing from Grief, loss, and Trauma. Enjoy!

Intro and Format specifications (0:00-4:00)'

  • Disclaimer and set up

Dr. Stallings and Brian's Relationship with Cage (4:12-12:12)

  • 'Raising Arizona' as an Inception point
  • Naturalism vs. Nicolas Cage 
  • From Hate to Love 
  • "The Contest" 
  • Mandy Love 

Cultural Context of Nic Cage (12:13-23:27)

  • The Cultural consumption of an Icon 
  • From Meme to Movies 
  • Persona creation and Consumption 
  • Nic Cage is Cinema 

Raising Arizona 24:10-47:32

  • Basic Plot
  • Parenting, Childcare and the Formula shortage paralell 
  • Does Comedy dilute Social messages 
  • Coens and Cage 
  • Best Scenes 

Vampire's Kiss (47:55-73.06)

  • Basics of the Film
  • WTF?
  • Meme Generator
  • Experimentation
  • Double Feature with American Psycho 
  • Nic Cage and the Rape Culture 
  • Brian's 10 min rule for Nic Cage Films
  • Best Scenes  

Pig (73:40-95:04)

  • Assumptions of Plot
  • Subverting expectations 
  • The Subtle Cage 
  • Healing from Grief Loss and Trauma 
  • Best Scenes 

Final Takaways (95:05-100:23)

  • Honorable Mentions 

Plugs and Outtro (100:24-102:13)

All clips were used under fair use.


Dr. Stallings on Twitter @CourtenayCal

The Sociology of Nicolas Cage 

Mandy Review 

National Treasure: Nicolas Cage by Lindsy Gibb 

The Age of Cage by Keith Phipps