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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Jul 20, 2022

On this month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast Dr. Ellen Meiser of The Social Breakdown Podcast and I tackle the epic High Fantasy Trilogy: The Lord of the Rings . We talk about terrorism, tourism, and meme culture before getting into The Masculinity, sexuality, racism and power dynamics in Middle Earth. Listen up, or "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"


Intro: 0:00-5:15

  • Not being a Good student 
  • Dr. Meiser's Previous Episodes 
  • Peter Jackson's Version 

Basics: 5:15-21:42

  • Production 
  • Trivia 
  • Plot
  • Filling in the Gaps 

Historical Context: 21:55-54:05

  • Dr. Meiser's Initial Thoughts 
  • Book Talk (WWI) and its impact 
  • The Odessy to find a Production Company
  • LOTR Meme Culture 
  • The Films as Soft Power 
  • New Zealand GDP and Tourism 
  • Escapism from the realities of Terrorism 
  • Sociological World Building 

Social Analysis 54:20-96:00

  • Masculinity in Middle-Earth 
  • Power Dynamics of the Realm 
  • Lack of Female Representation 
  • Sexuality of the Fellowship 
  • Environmentalism vs. Industry 
  • Colonialism and Race 
  • Major in Sociology 
  • Trauma Mental Illness and Drug Addiction 
  • The Importance of Friendship 

Outtro 96:13-103:26


Stick around for:

  • This becoming an ageism podcast for a few seconds 
  • A post script hint at Dr. Meiser's next episode 

All clips used were done under Faire Use


Bush and Lord of the Rings Article  

Frodo, Thomas and The Supreme Court 

Trump's Lawyer: " Gondor has No King"

RW Connell's Masculinities 

Naomi Kline's Disaster Capitalism