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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Aug 20, 2022

On this month's Episode of The Scociologist's Dojo Podcast, I am joined by Previous guests Dr. Liz Faber and Dr. Leigh McKagen to do a deep dive into Strar Trek. We talk Gendered ships, Caregiving, Fan Culture, its existence as a media text, and Imperialism; like, alot. Strap in for a free flowing conversation that tries to touch on the Impact the IP of Star Trek has had on our historical, social and cultural landscape. ENGAGE! #ThereisaTrekforthat

Intro: 0:00-4:48

  • Basics of this Unconventional Episode 
  • Reintroduction to the episode's guests 

The State of the Federation: 4:19-30:10

  • A Brief History of Star Trek
  • The Current Landscape of Trek
  • Identity vs. Imperialism 
  • Media Landscape/Trope Narratives 
  • The CSI effect 

Historical Context of Trek: 30:11-109:03

  • Foreign and Domestic Policy 
  • 90's Race and Gender Commentary 
  • The Federation and Diversity 
  • Imperialism/Individualism/Heroism 
  • Making it Palatable for Capitalists 
  • We don't talk about that... 
  • Robot Stand ins
  • Caregiving 
  • Parent Death Tropes 
  • Imperialists are Never Refugees 
  • Spaceships as "womblike" embassys (with a Holodeck Aside)
  • The Masculine (Female) Captain

The Star Trek Fan Culture 110:06-157:08

  • Nostalgia tempering analysis 
  • A Trio of Academic Geek Rants 
  • Fan Gatekeeping 
  • There is a Trek for Every Mood
  • Trying to Untangle the timeline 
  • SPACE!
  • Rapid Fire! (Captain, Series, and Film)

Outtro: 157:10-163:14


The Computer's Voice

Routledge Companion to Star Trek 

Global Perspectives on the Liminility of the Supernatural

The Sociologist's dojo blog: "Black Lives Matter, Batman and Police Militarization  

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Stick around for:

  • The renaming of the Space Telescope 
  • A Poncho Interlude 
  • And me getting taken to Star Trek school by these Brilliant Scholars 

All clips were used under Fair Use for Comment and Criticism 

Data and Picard

Drop it Like it's Spock 

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