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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Oct 4, 2022

On this Month's episiode of the podcast, I am joined by Dr. Jjenna Hupp Andrews, Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Mott Community College to talk about Fan Art, and the Fan Art Subculture. We also talk about Metalsmithing, the Subjectivity of art and Dr. Who. Come with us, and you will see, a world of Artist's imagination :)

Intro 0.00-2:00

Basics of Dr. Andrews 2:02-47:00

  • Degrees earned, Professor, Activist 
  • Community College vs. Universitites 
  • Masculinity, High Art and Misogyny 
  • Dr. Andrews Favorite Pop Culture 
  • "Suffer the Little Children" Series 
  • Dr. Andrews on 'Monster Artists'

Historical Context 47:30-88:26

  • Fan Art Definition 
  • Dr Andrews experience with Fan Art
  • Differences between Quality and Style 
  • Defining Subculture 
  • Fan Subcultures and Fan Art
  • Artist Stereotypes 

Social Analysis 88:40-122:43

  • Copyright and Fan Art
  • Fans as exploited labor 
  • Public Ownwership of Content 
  • Pop Culture and Reference Groups

Outtro 122:44-130:07

  • Plugs  
  • Next on the Blog

Stick around For:

  • Brian being Ignorant about Meatalsmithing 
  • Dr. Who Love (especially for Peter Capaldi's 12)
  • A Discussion of How Disney is Letigiously Evil

All audio Clips are used under faire use for criticism and commentary. 

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