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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Oct 23, 2022

It's Spooooky Month! and what better way to celebrate than to talk about the best onomatopoeia Horror Franchise, Scream. Sociologist and Horror Scholar Dr. Jaime Hartless returns to the Podcast to talk about meta horror, subversion of tropes, feminism, and the well deserved love and devotion to Gale Weathers. Enjoy! 

Warning: We spoil everything up through Scream (2022)

Episode Notes:

Intro: 0:00-2:18

Basics: 2:20-24:52

  • Production 
    • Sixth Film without Cambell?
    • Plot Synopsis 
    • Suspension of Disbelief 
    • Trivia 
  • Sydney and Gale Love Part 1
  • To Trope, or not to Trope 

Historical Context 25:19-68:13

  • Biographical Experience with the Franchise 
  • Gale and Sydney Love Part 2
  • State of the Horror Genre before Scream 
  • Satire of Horror 
    • Complicated relationship with Horror Fans 
    • Generational Gap
    • Referencing the time period...for 25 years
  • Toxic Fandom of Horror 
  • A Critique of the Genre 
  • Critiquing the Franchise
  • The Popularity of Kirby Reed

Social Analysis 68:30-129:19

  • Scream, a Feminist Franchise.
    • Recontextualizing "The Final Girl"
    • The Enemy is The Patriarchy 
  • Sydney and Gale Love Part 3
  • Scream 3 and the Weinsteins
  • Trauma, Violence, and Disability 
  • Legacy sequel formula 
  • Sixth film Predictions 
  • Gale, Dewey and "The Rom Com"

Outtro:  129:19-131:22 


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