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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Feb 20, 2023

On this month's guestless episode of the podcast, the host gives a "State of Cinema" address covering the 2023 Oscar Nominations , the ongoing tension between popular and Independent cinema and the purpose of the theatrical experience. 

Prepare for what could be the most pretentious episode yet!


Production Notes 

Intro 0:00-2:08

Historical Context 2:09-10:52

  • #Oscarssowhite...Again 
  • Getting around Diversity Quotas...give it to a White Lady 
  • Victim Narratives - Never forget Trauma 
  • Hollywood's Love Affair with itself.

The 2023 Nominations 10:53-31:25

  • Best Male Actor
  • Best Suppporting Male Actor 
  • Best Female Actor 
  • Best Supporting Female Actor 
  • Screenplays 
  •  Directing/ The History of Female Directing Nominations 
  • Lesser Known Categories 

Best Picture and the State of Cinema 31:39-53:25

  • The Nominations 
  • My Deficiencies
  • My Pick(s)
  • Popularizing the Oscars 
    • Films Vs. Movies 
    • Pop Culture is Soft Power 
    • Bureaucracy and Power 
  • The Popular Oscar Category 
    • Diminished Ratings
    • A People's Voice ?
    • The COVID-19 Effect 
    • Theaters = Spectacle
    • Arthouse = Streaming 
  • What Do We Want?
    • Room For all.

Plugs 53:33-55:57 



Oscars still so White  

Comics Cultural Collateral Damage 

*All Clips were used under Fair Use*