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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

May 22, 2023


On this month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast we are talking about Henry VIII, and his many wives with the 2007 show The Tutors. Guest Bre Crosby takes us through the depictions and various anacronisms of the Showtime series. We also talk about misogyny, historical fiction, a lack of sex communication and the importance and allure of consent. This is a meal of an episode, fit for a King 


Intro 0:00-2:15

  • Preview 

Basics about Bre 2:26-14:47

  • Educational Background 
  • YA Lit
  • Studied Religion 
  • Feminism 
  • STEM
  • A Grad School Aside 

Relationship with Pop Culture 14:48-26:05

  • Pop Culture and Community 
  • Pop Culture is a current through History 
  • Parody and Pop Culture 
  • Professors, Update your References 

Basics of The Tudors 26:22-32:11

  • Poetic Plot Recap
  • Show as Historical Fiction 
  • A Pop Soapy Sexy Show 
  • Trivia 

Historical Context 32:45-111:15

  • How Pop Culture shapes our understanding of History 
  • Show Clouds History 
  • "The Heir and the Spare"
  • Favorite Anacronism 
  • Women in Historical Context
  • History of the Wives of Henry the VIII (53:47-106:54)
  • 2007 TV (Great Recession)

Social Analysis 111:41-142:40

  • Misogynistioc Premise (Mary Boleyn)
  • To be TypeCast (Natalie Dormer)
  • No More Sex Scenes? 
  • Consent is Sexy 
  • Pop Cultutre as a Sex Educator 
  • Entertainment: Female Power only Comes after Abuse 
  • No Recognition of Trauma 
  • Fantasy as Deflection 

Outtro 142:42-148:23

  • Adaptation Hopes 
  • Plugs 


Episode 9: TV Reboot Fever with Alisha Kirchoff 


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