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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Mar 27, 2024


On this month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast, Dr. Ted Preston, Professor of Philosophy at Rio Hondo College, joins me for the first of three episodes focusing on the life, work, and legacy of Bruce Lee. In this ititial episode of The Bruce Lee Trilogy, we first get to know our guest for this Oydessy before discussing Lee's Philisophical origins and how his teachings can apply to academia. This episode has A LOT of table setting for deeper discussions later in Part II (out in April) and Part III ( out in May). 

Production Notes

  • Preamble 0:00-1:15 - "The Episode is now released as a Trilogy"

Intro: 1:16-2:52

Basics of Dr. Preston 2:53-9:47

  • Areas of Intrerest and Specialization in Philosophy 
  • Relationship to Pop Culture 
  • Relationship to The Martial Arts

Bruce Lee: The Philosopher. 9:48-30:03

  • Martial arts Magic 
  • Bruce Lee...Fighter
  • Dr. Preston's Chapter on Bruce Lee 
  • Lee's Philisophical Background 

Systems and Legacy Building After Death: 30:03-55:54

  • His ideas not conducive to Running a School (Capitalism)
  • Knowing Your Strengths 
  • Combat Effectiveness vs What's Available 
  • Foundation then Exploration
  • Lee's impact on Academia 
  • Motivations to participate in The Martial Arts 
  • Preview of the start of Part II

Part II coming at the end of April, Part III at the end of May

All Clips Used Under Fair Use