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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Feb 20, 2021

In this month's episode, I am taking a break from Interviews to discuss the state of Cinema due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic; resulting in the unprecedented deal between streaming service HBOMAX and Warner Bros. Studios.  I analyze the history of movie going, and how it has lead us to this point. Buckle up for a lot of questions, but few any good academic :) 

Time Codes:

(Basics 1:07- 8:05)

  • Basics of the HBO deal with Warner Brothers
  • Blog articles I will be pulling from in my analysis


(Historical Context: 8:19- 35:51) 

  • Brief History of Theaters
  • Racist history of " The Blockbuster"
  • The Changing Theatrical experience/Home Viewing Analysis 
  • Deconstructing Streaming Services


(Social Analysis: 36:05-57:09)

  • Movie Trailers ARE Advertisements 
  • Christopher Nolan swims against the Stream(ing) 
  • Pandemic Effects on Box office 
  • Film as my Religion 


(Conclusion: 57:10-1:00:33)

  • Doubling Down on Anti-Trust cases for Streaming services 
  • More Questions than answers 


Upcoming Episodes: 1:00:34- 1:01:17

  • March-Dr. Liz Faber, Star Trek: First Contact 
  • April- Dr. Rebecca Gibson, Cloud Atlas 
  • May- Dr. Courtenay Stallings: Mullholland Drive 
  • June- Dr. Alisha Kirchoff, The TV Reboot Phenomena 


(Outro: 1:01:24-1:02:27)  

  • Quote by Pierre Bourdieu 


Stick Around For:

  • Brian gently losing his mind over how much he pays for Film related content
  • An Argument acknowledging Superhero Cinema as Junk Food




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