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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Apr 11, 2021

On this Month's Episode of The Sociologist's Dojo we are discussing Cloud Atlas and the work of Lana and Lilly Wachowski; as my guest Dr. Rebecca Gibson author of The Corseted Skeleton: a Bioarchaeology of Binding,  takes me through one of her favorite films. We talk the Myths of Corsets, Trans representation, The work of David Mitchell, and the complexities of the fight for social justice.  You may not have heard the episode yet, "but you know, you know it"

Production Notes:

Basics: Dr. Gibson ( 1:52-8:30)

  • Dr. Gibson's Books and Articles 
  • Research Interests
  • Pop Culture Flavor 

Basics: The Corseted Skeleton Discussion (8:31-18:33)

  • Foundation 
  • Myths vs. Reality 
  • Political Weapon 
  • Toxicity of clothing 

Basics: The Film (18:34-49:03)

  • Trans representation in Credits 
  • The Writer David Mitchell 
  • Fantastic Editing 
  • Dr. Gibson running down the plot 
  • Trivia from IMDB 

Historical Context: (49:18-1:02:56)

  • What was Happening in 2012
  • Dr. Gibson's relationship with Cloud Atlas 
  • Reiteration of Pop culture as Soft Power
  • Brian Admitting to his Cloud Atlas Skepticism

Social Analysis: (1:03:10- 1:21:36)

  • Explaining the fight for Social Justice 
  • The Academic nature of Cloud Atlas  
  • Contradictions in Academia 
  • "Yellow-face" controversy explained
  • "Disclaimers" and "Intermissions"

Conclusion: (1:21:50-1:30:36)

  • Cohesive Brilliance of Cloud Atlas 
  • Karma, Energy, and Eternal Recurrence 

Stick around for:

  • Dr. Gibson talking about the impact of working with the Dead
  • Brian Squealing over Older Romance Stories 
  • A special silent guest at the end 


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