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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

May 6, 2021

On This Month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast we are diving into the work of David Lynch, and his 2001 Neo Noir Mulholland Drive with guest Dr. Courtenay Stallings of Pepperdine University and author of the book Laura's Ghost: Women Speak about Twin Peaks Together, we are not only going to piece together the winding Lynchian narrative of the film, but we also interrogate a lot of Lynch's other work.  At the end of the episode will have you saying: "This is the girl." 

Production Notes:

Basics: Dr. Stallings  (1:07-35:22)

  • Marrying Academic work with Pop Culture Interests
  • Gushing over Laura's Ghost 
  • Stumping for Qualitative Research 
  • Research based questions (11:21-18:38)

Basics: Mulholland Drive (35:57-48:33)

  • Trivia 
  • Plot Synopsis 

Historical Context: (48:47-102:22)

  • How 9/11 Effected the Box Office Sales 
  • The Cultural Lag of "Lynchian" Appreciation 
  • The critical praise and accessibility of Mulholland Drive 
  • Lynch's Career Timeline 

Social Analysis: (1:02:36-1:19:24)

  • Analysis of Sexual Violence in Lynch's work
  • Queer Representation and The Male Gaze
  • Metaphors for Women in Hollywood 
  • "Lynchian" gaps 

Conclusion: (1:19:39-1:24:29)

  • Brian's Final Thoughts
  • Courtenay's Final Thoughts 
  • Plugs 

Stick Around For:

  • Brian's Neophyte Reactions 
  • Spontaneous topic of "Monster Artists"  
  • Rebekah Del Rio Clips
  • "A Special Guest"


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