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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

On this month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo we go a little off format to talk about Nostalgia and the TV Reboot Culture with Alisha Kirchoff Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at Indiana University.  We talk about the political, social and economic motivations behind this trend, its overall impact on history and our (mis)perceptions of it.  This Podcast may indeed create a few "spin offs" of its own by episode's end.

Time Codes:

Basics of Alisha: (2:03-28.44)

  • Discussing her Upcoming Interview published in Context Magazine 
  • Alisha's Pop Culture Flavor: The Sitcom
  • TV Geek Camera talk 
  • Alisha's Sociology Course on TV

Historical Context (28:59-59:16)

  • Defining Terms 
  • What's "New" is not "Different"
  • The Spectre of History 
  • Representing the time period, while subverting the norms
  •  Cherry Picking History 
  • Manufacturing perceptions of History 

Social Analysis(59:32-1:15:27)

  • The Monetization of Childhood Pop Culture Consumption
  • Age Group Demographics and Ad Revenue 
  • What's Worth Revisiting?

Outro: 115:52-1:17:16


Stick Around For:

  • A Discussion of replacing TV Characters with Muppets 
  • Feeling the Love for the Golden Girls 
  • Alisha Contemplating a Law and Order Podcast 
  • Brian becoming unhinged by the chaos of Netflix's "Play Anything" button 

Production Notes:

Racism, Donald Trump and the Price of Nostalgia - The Sociologist's Dojo blog 

36 Dramatic situations  

All clips used under the protection of Fair Use 

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