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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

This month we have a Special Guest in the Dojo! Historian Dr. Ea Madrigal of Rio Hondo College. 


On this episode we dive into the classic film All About Eve staring Bette Davis and Ann Baxter. The Episode is broken up into 3 parts 

Basics: (3 min-33min)

Here we get to know Dr. Madrigal a little bit and have a discussion of classic film and set up the premise of All About Eve

Historical Context  (33min-1 h08 min)

Here we start to break apart the historical context in which All About Eve was created, the context of the film itself, and the importance of the film to Dr. Madrigal's personal history.

Social Context and Conclusion (1h 08min- 1h 30min)

In the social analysis section we cover the gender politics of the film; both the characters and what went on behind the scenes.  Ageism, social class dynamics and Hollywood elitism are also discussed.

Contact Dr. Madrigal at 


  • There is a friendly disagreement as to the use of the term "descendent"
  • Why Brian wants to be friends with Bette Davis 
  • faint cat screaming in the background
  • a lamentation of classic films being seen on a cell phone 
  • Two friends geeking out over this brilliant script