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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Nov 26, 2021

On this month's Episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast I am covering the synergistic punk rock, sci-fi satire Repo Man with Guest Dr. Brian Cogan Professor in the Dept. of Communications at Molloy College and author of the book The Encyclopedia of Punk After we get to know Dr. Cogan, we dive into the film's production, the history of Punk, Anti-Reaganite Capitalism, and the Marginalization of Movements. Get ready to embrace the anti-establishment and jump into the pit. This film takes you for a ride...literally.

*Note: There were some audio issues with this recording so please forgive the quality. It is fixed in future episodes

Production Notes:

Basics of Dr. Cogan (1:34- 17:40)

  • Grew up in the Punk scene 
  • Became a PA on Ang Lee's First Film
  • Work with Dr. Cogan, You'll go far!
  • Using Pop Culture as Social Critique 
  • The Traveling Academic 
  • The Encyclopedia of Punk

Basics of Repo Man (17:44-29:51)

  • Production
  • Cinematography 
  • Plot 
  • Trivia 

Historical Context (30:06-48:25)

  • Three Waves of Punk
  • Punk's Not Dead
  • The DIY of Punk
  • Carter, Reagan and Punk
  • Black History of Punk and Rock and Roll
  • Corporatization of 70's Filmmakers
  • " A Commodified Rebellion"

Social Analysis (48:41-77:39)

  • Punk and the Neo-Nazi's 
  • Punk as a slur 
  • Generic Brands and Anti-Capitalism 
  • The Inclusiveness of Punk 
  • Satire of Religion 
  • Repo Men are Capitalists 

Outtro (77:41-79:38)

  • Projects and Plugs 

Stick around for:

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