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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Dec 26, 2021

On this month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast we look to the stars as we analyze the acclaimed 2004 series Battlestar Galactica with Dr. Leigh McKagen of Virginia Tech University. We colonialism, Body rights, masculinity, Epic Heroism vs. Everyday Heroism, and of course, the dangers of Capitalism. 

Basics: (1:08-22:09)

  • Dr. McKagen's Background, Research, and what she 'Stans' for in Pop Culture  
  • Plot breakdown of the series and the brilliance of the Pilot episode "33"
  • Trivia from IMDB

Historical Context (22:24-62:21)

  • Franchise Timeline 
  • How 'Battlestar' Captivated Dr. McKagen 
  • Discussion of Dr. McKagen's articles about 'Battlestar'

Social Analysis (62:35-83:59) 

  • 'Battlestar' on Abortion 
  • Intersectional Marginalized Populations 
  • Masculine, Pro-Capitalism Colonialist Storytelling

Outro (84:00-89:59)

  • Recommended watching order
  • Dr. McKagen's Upcoming work 

Stick around for:

  • Brian wanting to show the beginning of 'Battlestar' to Amazon workers 
  • Dr. McKagen suddenly becoming the Host 



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