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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

This month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast marks the heralded return of the "Queen of the Recap" Dr. Liz Faber to talk about the long running Sci-Fi Cyborg Dystopian Franchise of "The Terminator". After Dr. Faber's engrossing walk through of The Terminator, T2, and Dark Fate, we talk about Historical perceptions of humanity through tech, Legacy sequels, Capitalist Traps, James Cameron's White-Dude "feminism and A LOT more! Remember, "there is No fate than what we make", and what we newed is a socialist utopia  Intro and Dr. Faber's New Manuscript (1:09-6:23)

  • Topic and Title 
  • Connection to Terminator 
  • Suicide and Humanity 
The Terminator Franchise (6:24-54:53)
  • Clarification 
  • Plot Recap (9:10-49:33)
  • Scattered Trivia 

Historical Context (55:07-89:40)

  • Biographical Context
  • History of Computer Dystopian Fiction 
  • Dystopian Sci-Fi and Development of Tech
  • Historical Perceptions of Humanity through Tech
  • Legacy Sequels 
  • Capitalist Traps 
  • Commercialization of Computers 

Social Analysis (89:54-112:51)

  • Suicide and Family Structures
  • Laws of Rootics/Humanity 
  • Liberal Sheen on Conservative Politics 
  • "Good Immigrant" Narrative 
  • Corporatized Filmmaking 
  • Jim Cameron's "White-Dude "Feminism""

Wrap up 112:54-118:46

  • Robot and Frank 
  • Plugs and Social Media 
  • Dr. Faber's Next Episode Pitch

Stick Around for:

  • "How did Stalin feel about Robots?" 
  • The "Somewhere in Time" moment 
  • #FuckDrSilverman
  • Rebranding as The Anti-John Connor Podcast
  • Brian's First T2 watch
  • The Rev 9 is a KitKat 
  • "Why Do Terminators need a penis?"