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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

On This month's episode of the Podcast, I talk to Dr. Jaime Hartless, Assistant Professor of Sociology/Anthropology at Farmingdale State College about Queer Representations in Horror. We talk about Witchcraft , Wizzards and everything on the Gender and Sexuality Spectrum. Listen to us give a lot of praise for Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody's "Jennifer's Body", while throwing a lot of (deserved) shade at Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling. 

Basics: 1:39-8:39

  • Dr. Hartless's Educational Background and Research Interests 
  • Sociology of Horror

  Horror as a Tool For Teaching Sexuality 8:40-50:58

  • Basic Premise
  • Gender Non Conformity Anxiety 
  • Horror as a unique Teaching Tool 
  • Ex: Nightmare on Elm Street 2
  • The Bifurcation of the Horror Genre 
  • Assignments and working with Students 

Witchcraft and Representation 51:13-84:40

  • The Duality and use of the Image of the Witch in Pop Culture 
  • Ex: "Jennifer's Body", Willow, Buffy
  • Joss and J.K. are the Worst 
  • The Witch and Marketplace Feminism 
  • Not a linerar Categorization 

Upcoming 85:10-97:12

  • Dr. Hartless's Supernatural Project
  • "Destiel"
  • Cannon and Reinterpretations  
  • "Bi-Phobia"

Outtro 97:15-100:26

  • Plugs 


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