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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Mar 25, 2023

On this Month's Episode, Dr. Rebecca Gibson returns to talk about Margaret Atwood's speculatively "fictional" dystopia: "The Handmaid Tale" Franchise. We talk how the adaptation(s) is a reflection of historical events, cogent to current events, and a possible oracle for the future. Get ready for a discussion of Commodification, Rape Culture, and the interlocking systems of oppression.   "Blessed Be."

Intro: 0:00-2:00

Update on Dr. Gibson's work: 2:11-8:20

  • Upcoming books
  • Preview of Dr. Gibson's next episode 

Basics of The Handmaid's Tale Franchise 8:21-50:10

  • The Franchise's Components and Structure 
  • The Anthropological Bookends 
  • Product of it's time?
  • The Adaptation 
  • Timeline of the Franchise 
  • Trivia 

Historical Context 50:24-85:40

  • Personal Discovery of the original Text 
  • Historical Influences on Atwood's work 
  • No Shame in Current Politics 
  • Atwood's ending too Hopeful?
  • Marketplace Activism 
  • "The Gibson Standard"
  • Historical Impact of the Books and the Series 
  • The importance of Choice 

Social Analysis 85:55-137:30

  • A Social Justice Nighmare 
  • "Better, doesn't mean better for everyone."
  • Men harmed by the Patriarchy 
  • Commodification of Atwood's work 
  • Can you Fully Deconstruct a System?
  • Canceling Academics in our Fields 
  • The Partiarchical Bargain in Gilead 
  • Masculinization, Militarization and Knowledge Suppression
  • Systemization of Emotion 
  • 'The System's' defense mechanisms 

Outtro: 137:31-142:22


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