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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Sep 28, 2023

On this month's episode of The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast,  Author Jenn Storey and I talk about literary and other forms of Pop Culture Adaptation. First, we dive into a spoiler free discussion of their debut novel Tilting Gravity before an indepth analysis of the relationship between media adaptation, technology and capitalism; which leads to a more pointed discussion about fandoms, nostalgia and audience agency. Enjoy!


Production Notes (Intro- 0:00-2:10)

      Basics of Jen (2:20-33:36)

  • IT to MFA
  • Discovering Emotional Truths 
  • Exploring Society through Art 
  • Tilting Gravity Discussion 
  • Jenn's Relationnship with Pop Culture 

Historical Context (33:51-65:26)

  • Definining Adaptation (Kamila Elliot)
  • Technology and Media Adaptation 
  • Capitalism and Media Preservation
  • Conncetions vs. Futurism 
  • Dissonance of Humor 
  • Revisionist History through a Post-Modern Lens 

Social Analysis (65:41-99:08)

  • Social Ramifications of Adapotation 
  • Importance of the Medium 
  •  Audience Agency 
  • Purism in Pop Culture ?
  • Nostalgia Pop Culture and Adaptation 
  • Tribalism Violence and Discrimination/Public Ownwership 
  • The Preciousness of Adaptations 

Outtro (99:09-101:08)

  • Plugs 

Stick around For

  • Dr. Faber shout out 
  • A Haiku vs Novel Discussion 
  • Brian stating, yet again, how much he hates Zack Snyder's filmography 

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