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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Mar 16, 2021

On This Month's Episode: Dr. Liz Faber of Labour`e College, and author of The Computer's Voice: From Star Trek to Siri, shepherds me through the vast world of Star Trek as we talk about and analyze Star Trek: First Contact. We talk about Feminism, Psychoanalysis, The Cold War, and what it takes to create a socialist utopia.


Production Notes:

Basics: About Dr. Faber and Her Incredible Book (5:15-27:34)

  • The Love of Star Trek 
  • Gendering of Computer Voices
  • Spaceships as wombs 
  • Trauma reconciliation through Pop Culture 

Basics: About the film First Contact 27:35-46:57

  • Plot synopsis 
  • Trivia from IMDB

Historical Context: 46:58-1:02:22 

  • What was happening in 1996
  • What was Happening in the Star Trek Universe 
  • Easter Eggs 
  • Techno-fear, Surveillance Capitalism and Algorithmic Racism 

Social Analysis: 1:01:36-1:23:52

  • Bureaucratic Capitalism 
  • The Cost of Utopia 
  • 9/11 and cultural Criticism 
  • Deconstructing Star Trek Fan Culture

Conclusion: 1:24:05-1:27:35

  • What to watch: STOS Ep: Metamorphosis   
  • Get Vaccinated by a Healthcare Professional 


Stick Around For:

  • Dr. Faber being The Queen of Star Trek Context
  • Dr. Faber pushing Brian away from Insurrection 
  • Brian losing his mind over how The Federation was created
  • A Discussion of Earth as a Trash Planet 

Book Recommendations:

The Computer's Voice: From Star Trek to Sri by Dr. Liz Faber 

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff 

Algorithms of Oppression by Safia Umoja Noble 


All clips are used under faire use all rights are held by the creators


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