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The Sociologist's Dojo Podcast

Oct 17, 2020

Welcome to The Sociologist's Dojo! This is a podcast that focuses on the analysis of film and popular culture through The Sociological Perspective.   This Podcast is an extension of the blog The Sociologist's Dojo

In this Episode...

Episode 1: Enter the Dojo. This first episode of the podcast covers an introduction to the Podcast, blog and host.  Later in the episode,  the host dives into the topic of "Why Pop Culture is soft Power."

Along the way, you will hear about Cerebral Palsy, The Deadliest Catch and Antonin Scalia.

This Podcast is for anyone who likes equal doses of absurdity and wisdom.....or 70/30 at least.

The doors are open....come on into the Dojo.


Episode Notes:

Scalia on Jack Bauer

Douglas Abrams Article 

Soft Power by Joseph Nye 

Intro and Outro Music acquired through Free Music download Track titled "International Karate Rock"

The Podcast's use of " What are you doing when you are not saving the world" composed by Hans Zimmer is claimed under Fair Use 

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